Board Members & Promoters

Mr. Mehul Shah

Chief Promoter & CEO

Our Chief promoter and CEO Mr. Mehul Shah is a well-known name in the Pharmaceutical industry in both Indian and Chinese Markets. He is recognised as a young analytical entrepreneur who has a knack of overcoming complex business challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. Besides being respected as an entrepreneur who recognises growth opportunities, Mr. Mehul Shah has consistently delivered excellent results in growing both revenue and profitability for Shah TC Group.

Above all, he is a Visionary and a Dreamer and his mantra in life is “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Mr. J K Shah

Promoter & Director

A man of few words and a big heart, over the last 18 years, Mr. J. K. Shah has played a vital role in making Shah TC, a stable and dependable organization and setting up the business accounting function in a way that enabled both; flexibility and dependability.

Mr. J. K. Shah has been associated with the Company since its inception as a Promoter and Director. He oversees and provides direction to the Finance function and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company.

Board Member & Directors

Ms. Echo Zhang


Ms. Echo Zhang has been one of the pillars of strength for Shah TC. She is a board member and heads the operations at Shah TC China Office. She plays the key role in building strong working relationships with our suppliers located globally and created the roadmap for unique value proposition for the Indian and Chinese markets. She intends to make Shah TC a global, recognisable brand in the pharmaceutical industry and its various branches.

Her current focus is increasing global presence and value creation for Shah TC’s partners and customers alike.

Mr. Bharat N. Mody

Director & COO

Mr. Mody comes to Shah TC with strong academics and decades of rich corporate experience to Shah TC. In his own words, he was attracted to Shah TC due to the forward thinking and innovative ideas being envisioned and implemented by our CEO – Mr. Mehul Shah. Mr. Mody is in the process of making “Shah TC” a fully regulatory compliant organisation. His immediate priority is to ensure that Company’s functioning is transformed to system based as this will eliminate chances of human error.

Mr. Mody will be playing a key role further in forming strategy to take Shah TC to the next level in this journey of growth for all stakeholders; both internal and external.